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Vitor Tripologos
Favorits: Authors
  • Rui  Pires
  • maria joão arcanjo
  • José Fangueiro
  • Robert Mueller
  • Miguel Afonso
  • Rui Nogueira
  • Paulo Ribeiro
  • Pessoa N Beat
  • J. Pedro Martins
  • André Domingos
  • Filipe P Neto
  • Joaquim Araujo
Favorits: Photos
  • Lost soul
  • coffee break
  • Vida sem Luz
  • ... to the other side
  • Exit In Silence
  • "Rios Eternos"
  • some stories begin like this
  • Light and fog
  • The Old mucician and His cigarret
  • Lands of Alah
  • Playmates
  • O homem que queria ser o Ché
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